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Company Jobs Products Links Description
1 Airdates Inflight Dating App
2 Asos Careers
Global Online Fashion
3 Chorebound Kids Chores
4 ClearScore Enterprise Architect
Senior Swift Developer
Your Creditscore.
5 Compare The Market Careers
Compare Services.
6 Freetrade Apps World Winner
Free Share Trading.
7 Gram Games Join Us
4 Games
Social Games
8 ICrayons-london Custom App Development.
9 Keno Lego-like programming.
10 Launchpad DSP on iOS
Remix Music.
11 Lifeworks iOS Developer
Makes Employees Feel Loved.
12 London App Brewery Classes
Learn iPhone Development.
13 Massive Lots of Jobs
Video UI Server
14 Monizo Technical Lead
Bank for Freelancers.
15 Monzo Blog
Bank App
16 Novoda Blog
Custom iOS apps.
17 Orange Juice Studios Cado
Cad App.
18 Photobox Team Lead
Photo Processing.
19 Public Health Civil Service
National Health Service
20 Rise Project Lead iOS Dev
Marketing Data Analysis
21 Ryder Book a Scooter
Scooter on Demand.
22 Sainsburys Crocery chain and bank.
23 SwiftKey (Microsoft) Autocorrecting Keyboard.
24 The App Business Careers
Interesting Blog
App Development.
25 Touchnote App
Photos to Postcards.
26 TransferWise iOS Developer
Overseas invoice payments.
27 Tui Group Careers
28 UkEdChat UkEd Chat App
Education in London.
29 VirtualTalk Junior + Senior iOS Devs
Mobile Wallet
Social Media Technologies
30 WorldFirst Careers
International Payments.
31 WorldRemit Careers
Send Money
32 Wrisk Many Jobs
User-centric insurance.

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