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Welcome to iOS Links

iOS Links is the world's largest and best directory of iOS resources.It is structured as a tree of categories containing links to ios-related content.

If you search on Google for "Swift SQLite libraries", you get 173,000 results. Much better to visit the iOS Links branch on Swift SQLite Liraries. iOS Links -> Technology -> Libraries And Frameworks -> Database Libraries -> Relational Database Libraries -> SQL Lite Libraries -> Swift SQLite Liraries. iOS Links also includes a rapidly growing geographical database of companies which are developing for iOS. Here is the London page.

I invite you to add a link to your iOS-related github library, youtube video, blog posting, technical article or company, and I will tweet it to the world. This is a free service.

To get started please click on the "Database Libraries" button or "Companies" in London button. Or you can keep reading about this website.

Curated lists are proliferating on the web. Mostly they are implemented as static web pages with a limited number of levels and categories. They often end up having way more than 7 items in each category, and to prevent further category overflow, they reject perfectly good content. Dynamic hierarchies such as iOS Links, avoid these problems and can expand as needed. Indeed some of the pages on the more mature Python Links web site are already 8 levels deep.

I invite you to use the menu bar to add your favorite links to iOS Links.

For more information, I invite you to watch the introductory video below. Slides

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